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After working in the commercial printing and digital communications business for 43 years, I reached a point where I felt it was time for me to explore something else.

Cooking, fine dining, and eating well was not new to me. From an early age good food has always been part of my life. Those early culinary experiences shaped my thinking and as such, over time, influenced the journey I took to arrive here today.

Logging hours in the kitchen, as I often describe it, is a relaxing experience and a creative outlet for me. The benefit of all the time and effort is that at the end of the day there is always a good meal for us to enjoy.

But I wanted to do more, and so Dining alDante was launched.

The purpose of the blog is to provide a platform for me to share with you my approach to good food and healthy dining; share my culinary perspective through recipes and stories; a means of staying connected to family, friends, and colleagues as though we were sharing a meal together around our dining table; and finally, as a way of meeting new, interested food-friendly people along the way.

Cooking is never a chore and it is great fun for me to do the research and then develop and prepare the dishes I write about. The dining part is an added benefit as well.

Food doesn’t have to be elaborate or complicated to be good. The best part of cooking at home every day is that over time the dishes you prepare will be less expensive and better for you than meals you will find at most restaurants. So if you are able to learn something new to try in your kitchen, improve upon something you are already doing, or simply eat better healthier meals, then this blog will have served its purpose.

Eat well, be well!
“Yes, of course you could do this at home, and you should!”


    1. Dante

      Thank you Susan, glad you explored the site. One sure way of seeing more recipe posts is to subscribe, which you can easily do directly on the site. Hope to add your name to the following.

    1. Dante

      Thank you Eugenia. I am happy that you read my posts from time to time. It helps me improve what i am doing when someone with your experience takes the time to check it out!
      Cheers …

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