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Surf and Turf . . . Everything Tastes Better with Butter!

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I thought it might be fun to take a short departure from my interest in spring ingredients and instead share a unique recipe I just received from my 11-year-old granddaughter, Claire.

As I understand the challenge, the kids were asked in their computer class to create a new dish combining two of their favorite foods and provide a recipe so that others might explore and enjoy the results.

Now that sounds like an approach I might take from time to time when I am logging time in the kitchen. And, I would like to think that in some small way I have influenced Claire’s perspective about food at this stage in her life. So with that said, here is a copy of the dish Claire created and the recipe she provided.

Perhaps it will change your culinary perspective going forward. Tell me what you think.

Eat well. Be well.
Never overlook the details. They can make the difference between just a good meal and an extraordinary dining experience.

Lobster Burger



Thanksgiving 2015

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It has been our tradition for many years to enjoy our Thanksgiving holiday meal on Friday, and this year we will be doing the same once again with family and friends, along with celebrating Margaret’s birthday.

With this post I’m sharing the menu—I will complete the final preparations tomorrow while all of you are seated at the table enjoying your own holiday meal.

You will not find any recipes or photos this time since most of the dishes have not been completed yet. However, I would be happy to share any recipe for the dishes on my menu that you might want to try on your own at another time. Just let me know.

You will note that included in the Main course segment is a menu option for Confit of Duck Leg. I added it for those who might want an alternative to the traditional turkey. This recipe is quite easy and straightforward, as well as delicious, and can be prepared anytime, not just for Thanksgiving.

So take a moment to reflect upon something you are thankful for and then enjoy the day and your meal with your family and friends.

Happy Thanksgiving.
Eat well, be well.
“Though eating is one of life’s unavoidable necessities, dining has always been one of it’s greatest pleasures.” X

The Menu

Appetite Teasers
•  Fig and calamata olive tapenade, gorgonzola
•  Fresh and smoked salmon rillettes
•  Buttered toasts

Egg on Egg on Egg
Savory deviled egg salad with bottarga, domestic sturgeon caviar, and chive

Baked Giant Shells
Stuffed with eggplant, rainbow chard, and ricotta, sauced with turkey bolognese, and garnished with parsley, sage, and pecorino toscano

Roasted Turkey Roulade Two Ways
•  Stuffed with carrot top and macadamia nut pesto
•  Stuffed with rainbow chard stems, caramelized onions, and herbs
Pan gravy
Duck Leg Confit

Roasted spiced kabocha squash sformato
Shaved brussels sprouts with roasted chestnuts, smoked bacon, and chestnut honey
Braised kale with roasted cipollini onions
Savory bread pudding

Cranberry compote
Green tomato chutney
Peach chutney
Sweet corn pickle

Roasted sweet potato cheesecake
Ice cream
•  Mocha
•  Chocolate Urfa chili
•  Pistachio
•  Mint Chip
•  Bailey’s Irish Cream